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the three pillars of online business management

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Team Management

The scarcest resources in any knowledge-based organization are performing, motivated and dedicated people.

A Team Manager acts as a facilitator, supporting team members and making sure that they have the tools, resources, and training so that they can do their best work.


Operations Management is all about HOW things are done in business. It's about how the actual fulfilment is set up so that the business continues to run, that customers get what they ask for and that the business goals are achieved. Ultimately, Operations Management is about creating systems that are logical, efficient and strategic and transforming inputs into goods and services that add value for the customer.

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"A project without a plan is just an idea"

Project Management is overseeing and keeping tabs on all the small pieces needed in order to run a business. As per Albert Einstein's advice: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler!"


"With Katrin, everything is faster and more constant. I have many different projects, that all need to be implemented. Katrin helps me and that in a very proactive manner."

— Rachael Waldinger
Life & Group Coach

"After a baby break of more than one year, Katrin helped me to get back on track as a solopreneur. Without her profound and broad knowledge and skills,  I wouldn't have been able to regain my visibility so fast."

— Iris Jansen
Yoga Teacher & Retreat Host

"Since Fall 2019 I have the pleasure to work with Katrin. I call her "Miss Speedy". And not only is she fast, but she also uses her own mind and thinks laterally which I appreciate very much. Being a "solopreneur" it is very valuable to have someone to swap ideas with and to get a second opinion. Her broad knowledge as well as from corporate work as well with regards to Yoga and Coaching is the perfect mix. And ... we also like to laugh and have fun."

— Andrina T.
Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

"Katrin was an exceedingly independent, proactive, and reliable member of the middle management. She showed a strong entrepreneurial mindset and was always willing to assume responsibility. We would especially like to mention her knowledge of the company and the ability to network which were instrumental in getting results very efficiently. Moreover, Katrin was committed to help and provide results of high quality in whichever task she was responsible for."

— Loic G.
Managing Director, Swiss Bank

"Katrin is an extremely professional, most conscientious, and very reliable member of the middle management who demonstrates a rapid grasp of new concepts. Katrin works in a deadline-driven, target-oriented, well-structured, and exceptionally independent way, even when faced with heavy workloads. She produces excellent results in terms of both quality and quantity at all times. "

— Daniel K.
Director, Swiss Bank

my offer for you


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€ 390

5 hours / month


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€ 760

10 hours / month


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On Request

The "Get-To-Know" package is designed in order to give both of us the possibility to get to know each other, how we work, and see if we are a good match.

I will support you with 5 hours within 4 weeks.

This package can be booked only once per client and against pre-payment. All hours have to be claimed within one month (4 weeks). Hours that remain unclaimed are forfeited.

All packages are against pre-payment. Hours will be clocked per 15 minutes.

As for the "Starter" package, 1/3 of unclaimed hours can be transferred into the following month.

Delivered additional hours per package will be invoiced with an hourly rate.

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