struggling to breathe in your business is just a distant memory!

More time for your Business Mission
More time for Yourself
You don't need to do it all by yourself

It's all about the HOW. The outlining of systems and processes. Once systems and processes are implemented and up and running, achieving business goals becomes much easier and attainable. Not only that but you will have more time at hand to just do what you love.

As an Online Business Manager, I will create those processes and systems for you.

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  • Are tired of barely keeping your head above water because you do everything by yourself
  • Are having to turn away opportunities because you are too busy with everything else
  • Are looking for clarity, peace of mind and a clear plan of action for your business
  • Do not believe that CEO stands for "Chief Everything Officer"
  • Are looking for someone in your corner at all times
  • Want to feel excited and ready to take on new challenges
  • Are ready to take the leap of faith and bring an Online Business Manager on board
  • Have the financial resources to make the investment in your business
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  • I will support you - from concept to launch- in bringing opportunities to life
  • The services I offer will provide you with the luxury of time to do the things you love
  • I will take the initiative and jump right in.
  • I will take your ideas and transform them into action plans
  • I will manage all components of your business, i.e. projects, team members, operations and systems
  • I will work hard to understand your business inside out
  • I am here for you, so you're not alone in this anymore. Your business is my business
  • I will assume some of the many "hats" you've been wearing so far - Project Manager, Team Manager, Operations Manager

Call me your right-hand woman, your fairy-godmother, your genie in a bottle, your sparring partner, your facilitator, your fire-fighter, your guardian angel, call me whatever suits you, but do call me.

Now is the time for you to

RE-EXAMINE your business

RE-EVALUATE your priorities


RE-THINK and decide what is really important for your BUSINESS and YOURSELF


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We are a perfect match if

You want to focus your time and dedication on your business

You would like to have a fire fighter by your side who understands what is needed to be successful

You would like to work with someone who understands all aspects of your business

You would love to have ease, fun and joy when working for your business

You have plans to grow your business



As an Online Business Manager (OBM) I support Entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business.

It is my mission to support you in accomplishing your business goals by breaking them down and thus making them easier and attainable.

My objective is to assist you to structure your business ideas and goals and bring them to life.

So, go ahead and "Do what you love and hire out the rest" (aka to me).


"With Katrin, everything is faster and more constant. I have many different projects, that all need to be implemented. Katrin helps me and that in a very proactive manner."

— Rachael Waldinger
Life & Group Coach

"After a baby break of more than one year, Katrin helped me to get back on track as a solopreneur. Without her profound and broad knowledge and skills,  I wouldn't have been able to regain my visibility so fast."

— Iris Jansen
Yoga Teacher & Retreat Host

"Since Fall 2019 I have the pleasure to work with Katrin. I call her "Miss Speedy". And not only is she fast, but she also uses her own mind and thinks laterally which I appreciate very much. Being a "solopreneur" it is very valuable to have someone to swap ideas with and to get a second opinion. Her broad knowledge as well as from corporate work as well with regards to Yoga and Coaching is the perfect mix. And ... we also like to laugh and have fun."

— Andrina T.
Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

"Katrin was an exceedingly independent, proactive, and reliable member of the middle management. She showed a strong entrepreneurial mindset and was always willing to assume responsibility. We would especially like to mention her knowledge of the company and the ability to network which were instrumental in getting results very efficiently. Moreover, Katrin was committed to help and provide results of high quality in whichever task she was responsible for."

— Loic G.
Managing Director, Swiss Bank

"Katrin is an extremely professional, most conscientious, and very reliable member of the middle management who demonstrates a rapid grasp of new concepts. Katrin works in a deadline-driven, target-oriented, well-structured, and exceptionally independent way, even when faced with heavy workloads. She produces excellent results in terms of both quality and quantity at all times. "

— Daniel K.
Director, Swiss Bank