hi, i'm katrin

As your Online Business Manager I assist you in structuring your business ideas and bring them to life. Always following the motto: "Do what you love and hire out the rest" (aka hire me)

Katrin_About Me

I know how it feels to be bored by work. To be frustrated by mundane and never-ending tasks. To be tired. Too tired to deal with tasks and work that are anything but motivating.

Fortunately, I achieved a lot in my professional career and I also had lots of fun. But I reached a point where I realized that I was far from feeling motivated and fulfilled. I knew that there is more in it for me out there. Something with more depth, more excitement, more meaning. And I acknowledged that everything that I've learned and experienced until then was leading to what I actually wanted. I was to become self-employed and work with and for people that have a similar mind-set to mine.

And I became clear on my mission ...

The mission to support online or offline entrepreneurs in their business with love and reason.

To serve as their sparring partner.

To assist them to grow - with and through their business.







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Mission understood. Mission started.

At the same time - in 2018 - I was informed, by my then employer, that my job / role has been deployed to a low-price country. This was my wake-up call telling me: now or never!

Even though my corporate work had been mostly virtual, or online, the next step was to make sure all my skills and experiences were ready to be used online.

Since then I have had the pleasure to accompany several entrepreneurs through and with their business.




Simplicity_Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

Simplification can be obtained by consolidating existing systems and tools and by observing if a project or task can be done in a more accessible manner and whether it is realistic and feasible.


Trust_Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

Trust is the ability to let go and let others take over tasks they are more suited to, and being open to communication and the ability to communicate openly.




Observation_Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

I keep asking questions until I fully understand what is required, but at the same time I am always open to questions asked of me.


Advancement_Photo by Jed Adan on Unsplash

It is important to advance and improve together. Plus, it is an ongoing process for myself to get better and be open to ideas for improvement.


Experience_Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

My experience in digital media is quite broad and ranges from creating websites, blog posts, podcasts and newsletters to course creation and LinkedIn management. I'm also experienced in presentation creation, team management and process management. I use a creative process to bring an idea to life.


Compassion_Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

First, listen and understand. Then talk. I always try my best, to understand the other party's point of view. I need to first understand the problem, then I can find a solution.


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Here are some of the tools I have experience of and love working with.

Asana - Airtable - Trello - Google Drive - Google Suite - ConvertKit - Kajabi - WordPress - Canva - Zapier - Elopage - GarageBand - Podigee


Jump right in_Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

I like to jump to the very heart of the matter and place myself appropriately to be of best use.

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I moved 16 times in my life - the first four times due to my dad's profession-related changes and the other 12 times due to matters of love or job-related reasons
  • I went to 6 different schools
  • I lived in Germany, France, the US and Switzerland, and now I'm back in France
  • I speak German, English, and French
  • For more than 10 years I have also been working as a Yoga Teacher
  • My preferred Yoga Posture is the Head Stand
  • I act out my creative streak in my garden, by sewing and creating "Malas"
  • I know my BFF for over 40 years now


"With Katrin, everything is faster and more constant. I have many different projects, that all need to be implemented. Katrin helps me and that in a very proactive manner."

— Rachael Waldinger
Life & Group Coach

"After a baby break of more than one year, Katrin helped me to get back on track as a solopreneur. Without her profound and broad knowledge and skills,  I wouldn't have been able to regain my visibility so fast."

— Iris Jansen
Yoga Teacher & Retreat Host

"Since Fall 2019 I have the pleasure to work with Katrin. I call her "Miss Speedy". And not only is she fast, but she also uses her own mind and thinks laterally which I appreciate very much. Being a "solopreneur" it is very valuable to have someone to swap ideas with and to get a second opinion. Her broad knowledge as well as from corporate work as well with regards to Yoga and Coaching is the perfect mix. And ... we also like to laugh and have fun."

— Andrina T.
Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

"Katrin was an exceedingly independent, proactive, and reliable member of the middle management. She showed a strong entrepreneurial mindset and was always willing to assume responsibility. We would especially like to mention her knowledge of the company and the ability to network which were instrumental in getting results very efficiently. Moreover, Katrin was committed to help and provide results of high quality in whichever task she was responsible for."

— Loic G.
Managing Director, Swiss Bank

"Katrin is an extremely professional, most conscientious, and very reliable member of the middle management who demonstrates a rapid grasp of new concepts. Katrin works in a deadline-driven, target-oriented, well-structured, and exceptionally independent way, even when faced with heavy workloads. She produces excellent results in terms of both quality and quantity at all times. "

— Daniel K.
Director, Swiss Bank
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